Die Trauringe- different cultures

Loving the curves and textures of nature, we chose the perfect rings which have been hand crafted locally. Although living in the UK, Sophie and I keep some German traditions in our lifes, so we decided we would wear our rings on the right hand. In Germany the engagement ring is traditionally worn on the... Continue Reading →

Do me a favour……….

The question of wedding favours! It's a tricky one as you don't want people to think they have to take some tat home and then throw it in the bin. That is not sustainable! Also wedding favours can cost a fortune, we wanted to make a favour that meant something to us and represented our... Continue Reading →

Native hands bark containers

Sewing the bark containers with willow strips Today we went on an adventure into the woods. Steph brought me this day as my Christmas present and it links nicely into our trying a new thing every month! We met in some beautiful woods where you can wild camp, Dernwood farm near Waldon. Ruby from native... Continue Reading →

Grow your own and decorate

Sweet williams for the wild flower wedding decorations! Sweet williams for the wild wedding jars! Madly we are trying to grow all our real flowers in our tiny garden currently overrun with pots all over the place! These tiny plugs of sweet williams came from Van Meuwen arrived yesterday and I potted them into these... Continue Reading →

Wild garlic pesto

Wild garlic pesto Firstly I wish these were our wedding favours! But too early in the year, great fun foraging for wild garlic and making this pesto! We managed to forage some Sussex wild garlic and had a day mass producing some wild garlic pesto and just an experiment making some wild garlic hummus (had... Continue Reading →

About us

Thanks for joining me! I am always doing what I cannot do yet in order to learn how to do it. — Vincent Van GoghFirst and foremost we are nurses. I would like to say firstly I am a crafter and wedding planner and Steph is an adventurer but at the moment this is just... Continue Reading →

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