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I have been looking for an alternative to chemicals to clean my home and for it to feel really clean, smell amazing and not harm the environment. There are so many options out there mainly around vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, which are wonderful products but I do find my house smells like a chip shop and it takes quite a lot to rinse the bicarb off (particularly on the oven!)

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So my new discovery was using citric acid to descale the kettle (thank you Gill my workplace green queen) Just boil your kettle about half full, then add a good tablespoon of citric acid and leave for a good 30 minutes and watch the limescale fizzle away! Living in Brighton the water is so hard you could knock someone out with it so limescale is a part of our daily lives and therefore machines generally do not last as long which is why finding a kinder way to manage limescale is very satisfying, especially when it works!!

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