To be with someone or in our case marrying someone from a different cultural background (yes yes we are all european) brings the joy of introducing things into each others life we experienced in our childhood and upbringing. Over the past 6 years sophie and I have given eachother little nuggets of tradition (nationally or from the family) . I got introduced to monty python, milk in tea, learnt that Yorkshire pudding is not a dessert, celebrating Christmas on the 25th or the “right way” of folding knickers. I gave her in return amongst other things the Christmas calendar, nikolaus and wearing the wedding ring on the right hand. One thing I grew up with is getting a betthupferln. Which is a sweet placed on the pillow to be eaten before going to bed. Of course my sister and I loved it , although not to much in hindsight when visiting the dentist.’Hupferln ‘or huepfen translates to jumping and together it would mean something jumping in bed, like a bed bug would do. A bedtime sweet or in some families a bedtime story is a nicer surprise than a bed bug.

So for fun or as a midnight feast we made those little boxes for our staying guests.

The inspiration for this came from Sophie visiting her favourite food store fortnum and Mason with her dad where he brought her mum a midnight feast of two hedgehogs in a matchbox.

We brought 3kg of love hearts! Madness I know but we only wanted paper sweets as it does not contribute to plastic in our seas which means we have an excess amount of love hearts therefore we have two love bugs and two love hearts.

Little hands making feast boxes

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