Sophie the niffler

I am a self confessed craft obsessive if I see something I want to try out I buy it and everything that goes with it! Rather than doing a taster session and seeing whether it’s for me I go the whole hog and buy everything and I appreciate I am lucky enough to be able to do this.

This means in our house there is craft in every room and I love this and I know it drives steph up the wall but it also makes our house our home.

When planning our wedding I started to look through what I had and stumbled upon about 10 packets of mini sparklers (my other confession being I love a bargain!) I remember these being reduced to 30p so I brought lots, I guess at the time I brought them for an occasion and over the years they have come out and brought us moments of joy.

Mini sparklers

So in my desire to have little creative items at our wedding I though it would be cute to have these in the evening.

Now my writing is rubbish bordering on illegible at the best of times and I have dabbled a little in calligraphy but don’t really have the stamina for it I think. I looked online for things i could copy and finally thought just go with it this is you and your writing at your wedding and that is what makes this special not being able to copy some gorgeous writing of someone else. As long as its legible!

Sharpie action

So here we have it in all my sharpie beauty ‘it’s time to sparkle’ after cutting out several cards from paper I have brought over the years and with steph looking at me as if I have completely lost my mind I created over 20 cards using only items I have in the house.

Carefully making a slit

I love my Swann Morton craft knife after doing a paper cutting taster and now use it for any paper cutting over scissors. I made a 2cm slit to slide three sparklers in and then secured with some sparkly tape that was in the draw.

bit of sparkle

I’m really pleased with the final result and I think it will be fun and although it is obviously homemade I hope we have some sparkly pictures to share!

It’s time to sparkle

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