Wild thing

Having completed a floristry course earlier this year for pleasure not for business or weddings it made me look at what I grow in my garden. Flowers cost a fortune rightfully so they are a luxury and take a lot of effort to grow.

After many discussions with my friend who has an allotment and likes to experiment we decided to give cut flower growing a go.

Strong little shoots

I invested in some seeds and plug plants from Sarah Raven amongst others and started sowing in February our spare room was full of little seeds in many pots. I also invested in some eucalyptus plants which arrived looking very sorry for themselves but have since recovered

Lots of lovely smelling eucalyptus

Although I would love to use cut flowers to recreate hand tied bouquets at a fraction of the cost, we also want to have wild flowers in jars at the wedding. So I decided to experiment today.

Full of wild flowers

I am really pleased with how it looks but worried that we are not going to have enough flowers for the wedding. I really wanted to be sustainable with the flowers as it is so easy to spend lots of money on something that is only for a day. By growing our own flowers we get to enjoy them in our garden as well as at our wedding!

Our wild wind beaten garden

However since doing my experiment I am now panicking that there is no way we will ever grow enough flowers (and keep them alive) for the wedding in August to fill one jar let alone 40! Plus I think they have to be filled well to create the most beautiful effect and the jar above has several flowers in there.


We do have what feels like 50 pots as well the ground so hopefully there will be some staggered growth from now until August. We have decorated over 100 jars for candles and flowers so may have to buy some flowers or hopefully find a good wild patch somewhere!

Billy buttons

This is my pride and joy in cut flower growing. Steph brought some Billy buttons for my mum and dad for when they moved house and they were super expensive partly because of where we live and the mark up! However I looked online and found these plants I had 10 to start with and although they seem to be a favourite of aphids I have 9 plants with lots of buttons growing and these dry well so can be cut and kept yipppppeeee!

Jar of delights

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