We are going common with our wedding entertainment and have been searching for ideas for unusual garden games as it would be rude not to use this beautiful house and grounds for the weekend (fingers crossed for sunshine!)

The beautiful Northfields house

In Germany it is traditional to play games at the wedding, ones which test your future of working together this could be sawing a log, hanging out children’s clothes or kidnapping the bride! As the last one would involve us both going missing for the evening and the other two are not easy to complete we have gone for common garden jenga. Although I think the German contingency have some secrets up their sleeve for the day!

Giant jenga!

Although we have chosen the wedding game that everyone has we have put the hodgepodge twist on it! Then it becomes a game we love to play and share with friends and possibly even little people for the rest of lives.

Introducing quotation jenga!

Our homemade sign

We think this is a great way to personalise the game and makes it more fun to play! We made the sign from a second hand 25p board we found, painted it with chalkboard paint and wrote with pens our made up rules.

Pull a brick and write a quote!

I brought the Oxford book of quotations secondhand also for about £1.99 it’s a little out of date but has all of the famous quotes in it and there is always Google for the kids!

“The truth is rarely pure, and never simple” Oscar Wilde

I look forward to playing this with Steph when we are old and grey in our joint nursing home and leaving it to our kids in the will making it sustainable!

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