Paperflowers,cranes and pinwheels

Living in a mid terrace house with a small but beautiful garden we don’t have the space to grow all our wedding flowers. We are still very much at the creating stage and slowly making our way though the vast amount of different textures and shapes of the bridal bouquet and buttonholes in true hodgepodge style.

Through numerous paper folds, cutting, wiring and modgepodge(ing) we managed to create 16 very special buttonholes consisting of an origami crane (just like in our handmade invites) and a pinwheel. We added an extra “button” flower for both of the brides fathers made of reused maps from Germany and England to represent the countries where we grew up.

Tradition or not tradition? Two brides makes two bouquets- wrong . One thing I am really bad in is holding things in my hand…. So let me have the flowers on my chest to ward of the evil spirits (as history tells ). Traditionally one flower would be taken from the bridal bouquet but as they are fragile (trust me picking one out without ruining the whole thing not going to happen!) we stick to the matching them up. We do not really have a colour theme but turns out the shades of romance (blue) and harmony (green) where the choice.

5 year old buttonhole

However what do you do with a stubborn five year old who will throw a tantrum at anything!? You make him a special buttonhole involving Batman! So Luke loves superheroes and cars and we cannot involve a car for him although he is going to ride on a bus to the wedding ceremony as this stops all the cars! So here sadly is a little bit of plastic but thinking about my childhood and the fact we still have all my Lego the kids now play with I know this will not just end up in landfill!

We put his on a broach pin so he can run around all day long it is also his birthday after all.

Kid proof!

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